We know out of our own experience that planning a wedding can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If you live in Spain, Germany, UK or somewhere else in Europe ... it doesn’t matter, it all comes down to make the right decisions and planning your amazing wedding day that you will never forget.

#1 How to pick your dream Wedding venue?

What kind of wedding are you organising?, are there kids? is it there a view? Make a small practical list with important features that are important to you! Alicante is diverse so your dream venue will be easy to find. It’s maybe obvious but we always advice to visit the Venue before booking it. Make a list of your top locations and visit them! If you organise an intimate wedding, Airbnb can you your best friend! There are several big gorgeous villa’s with pools, lot's lot of rooms and affordable.

#2 What will make you happy?

We have seen lot’s of weddings where couples tried to please parents or grandparents. Take practical reasons in account but never forget, this is your big day! Do whatever you want because you’re aloud to do it! Don’t be stressed if things don’t go according plan and you are running a little late,don't worry they will wait! You are the star of the show!

#3 When you do want to get married?

Off course you picked Alicante for the amazing sunny days! Almost the whole year around it’s sunny with comfortable temperatures and let’s not forget you will probably organise it outdoor! We love it and that’s definitely how we should do it, but think about timing. To do your wedding ceremony in july at 14:00 isn’t advisable, the sun is at his hottest point and can be more than 40degrees, the last thing you want is being uncomfortable because of the heat. Sunset is around 21:30 in july so 19:00 could be a perfect time for the outdoor ceremony.

#4 What is the golden hour?

The golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after the sunrise or before sunset. The light is beautiful and the perfect romantic moment with your loved one to watch out over the sea, mountains and of course each other.

#5 Who is going to take your wedding pictures?

It’s actually really simple, if you look for a wedding photographer in Alicante just checkout their work. If you feel related and those images are reflecting your style you basically have a match. We always tell couples if you like what you see ... we are for sure a match because in big lines this is our style and how we will capture your wedding! We have an elegant and timeless style, we take advantage of sun, palm trees, mountains and the sea :). Don’t be afraid to talk over the phone and tell a bit about your day! If you are now looking for a photographer and like what you see, send us a message and let’s talk.

#6 Don't forget video at your wedding!

“ We wish we hired a profesional videographer! “ We've heard this so many times! After the cake is eaten and the wedding is over, the only thing that’s left are the photos & video. Besides wedding photography, we also offer a wedding video. It’s a nice and cinematic wedding movie. As Wedding Photographers and Videographers we want to offer something very special for an amazing price! We combined our most special products and created a unique concept, The Total Package.




We photograph intimate weddings & elopements throughout Spain and the Netherlands.