I would highly recommend Rox and San to anybody. Their signature style is so unique and beautiful, we’d fallen in love with their portfolio before we even spoke to them. Then from the very first email exchange, we knew they were the photographers for us.

We felt more of a connection with them than any other photographer we had emailed.

On the day, they were calm, organised and unobtrusive. That said, I am really not good at getting my photo taken and they were so perfect at knowing what to say to get me to relax, and also were so friendly and warm. I am sure it’s a lot of their personality that helped me to feel good and get some beautiful shots.

Finally we had a few teaser shots to get us excited within a day and the rest in a couple of weeks! We were thrilled!

I am one of those people that really does not like any pictures of myself, I was so worried I would not love my wedding photos because of that, but I loved a lot of pictures of me for the first time (maybe ever?). It’s one of the greatest gifts anyone has given me and for that I’ll forever be thankful to them. 



The 3th of September was and is a magical day for us. 

Luckily you guys where only one click away, to capture the beauties of the day. When we received the preview of our photos we quickly went back down on memory lane. After receiving the second mail with the full package, my first thought was 
“I’m glad we chose you guys”.

We are in love with the results, they are timeless pictures just like we wanted. I sincerely thank you for your part of our journey!

Vir & Fer



Wow!!! How do we even begin to say thank you for doing such an amazing job.

You have captured the spirit of our family perfectly and we are overwhelmed with joy looking at the memories you captured from our intimate vowel renewal.

Thank you so much! Thank you for the beautiful photos. Thank you too for going above and beyond to help us make the day so wonderful. For scouting locations that suited our needs and for assisting with all the smaller details. The day shared with you two was an exceptionally memorable day for us and you have delivered perfectly with the photos.

The boys had a ball with you two and the photos show it too. Thank you for capturing their personalities so perfectly.

With much love,
Kris, Leanne, Neo & Kai



Dear Rox & San, we were heading from our parents (just stepped in the car) to our house, when Kim spotted your e-mail before we left. Before we know it we were oeeh-ing and aaahw-ing in the parking lot. We LOVED it! 

We love details and spent time in preparing it and you've captured it beautifully. The brightness and the colors that we loved from your previous weddings came back in ours, so we are very happy. It was also very nice to see you shooting the details in the morning. Arranging all the items till you have the shot that you want, is exactly how Kim is. 

We really enjoy the group shots, but the one-on-one shots with the ones we LOVE, they touched us the most (getting ready with dad, getting ready with sister, laughing like crazy with bff etc).

Although we'd rather give you enough time to work your magic, you sent the gallery pretty quickly. The preview was the perfect welcome home gift for us, thank you very much!



Thank you Rox and San for a great experience! We had so much fun during the our photo session with you. Everything was so easy and we felt really comfortable in front of your camera!

You managed to capture the bond between me and my (now!!) husband in such a beautiful and natural way, and the final result is what we expected our wedding pictures to be, and more. 

We are so happy we did this with you!

We really appreciated all your involvement and your help with everything related to our shoot, choosing the location. and the best time for taking pictures. We're so glad to have had you as our photographers and part of our adventure.

Sibel & Altan



Dear Rox and San,

Thank you so much for your lovely email. 

WOW! The pictures are wonderful! We love them! :)

They are gorgeous!!! :D <3

We really really enjoyed our special day, and are very glad you guys could be part of it!  All our guests were super enthousiastic about your approach and presence. We were very excited to see the preview and of course later on the entire collection!

Big hug,
Charla & Ludo